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welcome to toro tries wine

Toro tries wine was born as a panacea to the intimidating and complex world wine would have you think it occupies.

Hello! I’m Daphne.

Oenology (the study of wines) is the perfect mix of science and art, geography and gardening, history and present day, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Wine is a way to bring people together, socialise and compliment meals. It signals that we’ve reached the point of the week where we can regroup and relax.

Whilst I was studying for WSET 2 and 3, I just didn’t find the resources I was looking for in one place.

I needed exam technique, practise questions and tips from people who had been there. Let’s learn more and explore together.

Want to contact me? I’d love to hear from you…

Daphne xo

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As above, so below

As above, so below

"Tis true without error, certain and most true that which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracle of one only thing"  Isaac Newton In a quest to represent the pure Hampshire terroir, 60-acre...

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Peace out WSET

Peace out WSET

You know things aren't right when your nightly recurring dream is suitcase Tetris. It goes a little something like this, you have 15 minutes to check out of your hotel, and everything you've ever owned needs to be squeezed into a cabin-sized suitcase. That's...

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study tools

Guides + WSET (inspired) Training

I’ve put together a few study tools in order to give you an idea what to expect if you undertake a WSET course. There are various schools around the country, and multiple ways of studying whether that is in the evening, as a block or at the weekend. It’s possible to work full time and study.


Tips, tricks + recommendations

Unsure what to expect or how to prepare for your wine exams? Head on over to my tips, tricks and resources. I’m a firm believer in being mentally prepared for the exam as well as making sure you retain as much knowledge as possible. It’s easy to pick up marks with the right preparation.