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As above, so below

"Tis true without error, certain and most true that which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracle of one only thing"  Isaac Newton In a quest to represent the pure Hampshire terroir, 60-acre...

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Peace out WSET

You know things aren't right when your nightly recurring dream is suitcase Tetris. It goes a little something like this, you have 15 minutes to check out of your hotel, and everything you've ever owned needs to be squeezed into a cabin-sized suitcase. That's...

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So, you want to study DipWSET?

It's been a hell of a year for WSET diploma students. News swirling around social media regarding missed and delayed exams, classroom sessions cancelled. It's been a bit of a bumpy start for the 2020 contingent. Start them on D1 and test their resolve, I imagine...

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Ao Yun | Shangri-la – The Bordeaux assassin?

Meili Mountain - Yunnan Province Chinese wine. Would you chose it if you saw it on a wine list? What if I told you I knew a wine that takes precision French winemaking. Combines it with unrivalled attention to detail and supplicates the Himalayan landscape to...

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Tasting with Innocence

Words by Georgie Fenn It’s no secret that the wine world is, at times, a little snobby. I’m up there with the worst, and while I stick to my belief that ‘as long as you’re enjoying it, it doesn’t matter what you’re drinking,’ I’d rather it wasn’t Echo Falls. Back...

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DEFINED WINE: Introducing winemaker Nick Lane

It's such an exciting time for English wine. We're beginning to take centre stage not only at home but further afield. If English wine is to become a world leader, then setting a world-class standard in our winemaking is imperative. Enter Defined Wine Defined Wine...

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Have you discovered Prosecco DOCG?

Usually more of a Prosecco-no kind of person? When you think about Prosecco, what comes to mind? Brunches? Cheap plonk? A night on the tiles? With Prosecco DOCG, you might reconsider. Prosecco is a pale-medium straw colour, (mostly) sparkling wine. Fairly low in...

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Gusbourne, Harvest 2020

Kent, the golden child county of English wine, if it were in Burgundy, perhaps you would call it L'enfant d'or. Which upon trying their wines, you might believe is where you are. Gusbourne consists of sixty hectares of vines and alongside its tasting room "The...

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