wset 3

wset 3

There are two parts to the WSET3:

1.The multiple choice questions (covered in the quizzes)

2.The short answer questions.

It’s quite tricky to give specific examples of what might be asked for in the short answer questions, but there are some things to think about and start to draft out an answer. I’ve put together below some of the topics that I think it’s helpful to practise.

They want you to prove that you can apply your knowledge, not just remember facts. If a question comes up about a cool climate grape, for example Pinot Noir in Burgundy, but you can’t remember anything about Burgundy, use what you do know about other cool climates, maybe Mornington Peninsula in Australia where they also grow Pinot Noir. The same principals will apply and you’ll pick up marks.

Describe the solera system

Describe means how and why, so you’re going to want to explain what the solera system is. How does it work and why is it used? What does this result in?

How would you produce a red high tannic wine?

Think about winemaking techniques you know of that will provide good extraction of tannins?

What kind of grapes would you use?

What kind of climate and even vine techniques would make these grapes suitable?

How would you produce a low tannin fruity wine?

Utilise the same thought process as if you were producing a red high tannic wine. The techniques, the grapes, the climate.

How would you chill a bottle of white wine quickly?

Yep, seems simple doesn’t it? This could easily come up as one of the questions, so it’s best to remind yourself of the steps now.

Explain the seven wine faults?

Remember not just to state them, but describe them and explain them.

Describe the Asti/tank method

Any of the sparkling wine methods can come up.

In addition there could be questions on cap management techniques, opening a bottle of still wine, decanting a wine, opening a bottle of sparkling wine and methods used to preserve wine amongst others. These are easy marks to pick up as long as you’ve learnt these basic parts, (they’re easy to skim over).

test your knowledge

wset 3 inspired quiz

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Tips + Learning tools

If you’ve started undertaking your WSET 3 check out this section for tips from someone who has been there. I totally understand it can be really daunting studying at this level if you have been out of education for some time, so I’ve put together some guides to make sure you capture all the marks you can.